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Monitor the response status of all emails you receive, set up automatic replies & measure customer satisfaction, all from one place

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  1. Keep your customers happy with a free Freshdesk customer support account for life

  2. Plus, enjoy 30% off any further accounts you choose to create

  3. Monitor the exact response status of your messages and pull up all previous communication with users

  4. Set up responses to your most popular queries to save you time answering the same questions

What people are saying

"A great concept"

“This has revolutionised how we contact customers. The customers love it as much as we do!”

Paul Salmon | Elan Fire & Security Ltd

Benefit information


So you’ve arrived at work and you go to open the company help inbox. Fear, trepidation; a slow bead of sweat trickles down your forehead…


You enter your password and there they are in all their horror: 60 unread messages it’s going to take you hours to trudge through…


Sound familiar?


So many businesses struggle to keep on top of customer support and for 90% of them it's because of the same two reasons:


1. You’re so busy back-tracking on old emails and comments, you never get round to engaging with customers and making them like your business.

2. Your inbox is a mess and you don’t know who you've replied to before and who you haven't


Freshdesk's customer support software is the solution that will make customers fall in love with your business...




It will help you fight the tide of customer responses in 4 simple ways:


1. ​ Issue Resolution

Freshdesk lets you monitor the response status of your messages simply by selecting “pending”, “unresolved” or “resolved” to describe them. 

When you open a message from a user the next time it will pull up their entire history and tell you the exact status of their issue, keeping you always up-to-date.

Plus, if you have more than one of you responding to emails in your team, you can assign different messages to different people on the team with Freshdesk's clever ticketing service. Share the workload and ensure everyone answers the questions best suited to them.


2. Automatic Responses

You answer emails all day and 80% of them are the same question. Freshdesk's clever software lets you generate automatic replies to certain types of question. Choose answers to be generated by different types of criteria: keywords within the message, priority, email address and more. 

It's easy to set up and will save you hours in replying to the same question.


3. Support Customers Everywhere

Freshdesk pulls all your emails and social media activity into one interface so whether it's Facebook posts, tweets or emails, you'll be on top of it all.


It's the perfect way to keep your customers happy and save your business time. And with this Huddlebuy Gold member benefit you can enjoy a FREE Freshdesk account for LIFE.

Plus, if as your company grows you decide you want more accounts for your business you can claim a 30% ongoing discount on all further accounts.


What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is online helpdesk software that helps you stay on top of your customer service. Whether it’s by ordering and arranging your messages or by pulling your social media into one simple interface, it’ll help you manage your responses and keep your customers happy.




How will it help my business?

When you’re working in a fast-paced business it’s really easy for messages to slip under the radar and go unreplied to. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your customers or that you’re some lazy, rogue company.


But to some customers it can seem that way…


Fortunately Freshdesk has come up with some clever ways to help you fight the tide…



1. Issue Resolution

When you're answering messages all day it's pretty impossible to remember each and every one of them.

Freshdesk’s lets you monitor the response status of your messages simply by selecting “pending”, “unresolved” or “resolved” to describe them. When you open a message from a user the next time it will pull in their entire history and tell you the exact status of their issue. So you're always up-to-date with your customers and ready to address their questions.




2. Automatic Responses: 

You answer emails all day and most of them are the same questions. Freshdesk's clever software lets you generate automatic replies to certain types of question.

Choose answers to be generated by different types of criteria: keywords within the message, priority, email address and more. 

It's really easy to set up and will save you hours in replying to the same question. 




3. Message ticketing

At the moment you get loads of emails into one inbox. Some of the members of your team are better positioned to reply to them than others but they’re all sent to the same inbox.


And of course it’s impossible to tell who’s read and replied to which messages and who hasn’t.


Freshdesk’s easy-to-use ticketing service lets you assign different messages to different members of your team and track their status of response.


And, as simply as that, you can stay on top of all your business’ replies and see who’s been sending them.





4. All your social media. In one place.

Freshdesk streamlines all your social media communications into one interface meaning you can manage all of it without having to run multiple Internet tabs at a time.


Whether it’s re-tweeting a positive comment about how great your company is or responding to a negative post grumbling about late delivery, you can manage both from the same place.


Meaning your customers always feel appreciated and listened to.



5. See how you’re doing. And how you can improve.

There’s nothing worse than moving in one direction blindly without assessing how you’re doing. Freshdesk’s clever analytics lets you see how well your customer service is working and how it could be improved.


You can analyse how many messages have been replied to by any member of your team and how successfully they have been dealt with - meaning if there is a problem, you’ll be the first to know about it and sort it out.


These are just a few of the clever tools Freshdesk has created to empower your customer service - use them wisely and your customers will love you and tell all their friends…



6. Build your own knowledge base

Compile knowledge bases for your teams and customers. Write up answers, tips and tricks to frequently asked questions and display them all in your own easy-to-access knowledge base.




What you get with this benefit...

With this exclusive Huddlebuy Gold benefit you'll get a FREE Freshdesk customer support account for LIFE.


Plus, if as your business grows you want to create more accounts, you can get 30% off ANY Freshdesk accounts...


That means 30% off ANY of the below, allowing you to save as much as  £304 per year.    




About Freshdesk…

Offering cloud-based help desk software to businesses all over the world, Freshdesk is able to empower their clients to help their own customers view email, phone, websites, Facebook and Twitter. The software is priced competitively and is suitable for businesses that want to scale up from start-ups all the way to global enterprises.


What people are saying about Freshdesk…

Freshdesk delivers everything that you need to provide exceptional customer service. Their existing happy clients include TOSHIBA, Stanford School of Medicine, goodreads, and Pearson.



Fantastic tool, incredible support, unbeatable price!” - Scott Bowler, Localiiz


A breath of fresh air in the world of online helpdesk systems” - Nadav Elyada, Dealply


I can finally relax” - Jana Kalasova,


...they're open-minded and are really listening to their customers” - Matthijs Lok, Pearson



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This benefit is only available to Huddlebuy Gold Members and you should lose this benefit should you decide to stop being a Huddlebuy Gold Member. 


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