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Clear Your Office Clutter with 60% off Storage Space - All Boxes Picked Up From Your Door

Make Your Office Spacious and Clear Again with BoxMan's Clever Storage Service. Order Today and Get Your Boxes Collected Tomorrow

Save £50 - £150

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Benefit highlights

  1. Clear your office today with 60% off box storage. All boxes collected from your door.

  2. Pack all your clutter into boxes and get it collected the next day from just £2 per month

  3. All warehouses have state of the art security, CCTV and fire protection systems.

  4. All boxes are individually barcoded so they can be continuously tracked

  5. Manage everything easily online.  Fully customisable box information, contents lists and descriptions

Benefit information

So, you've cleaned up your business with cloud-based storage and all your files are securely tucked away on the web.


You're probably feeling pretty pleased with your organisational skills and thinking to yourself, â€˜my desktop has never looked so clear'…


…Then, you glance up from your computer screen and see this:





If only we could banish all our physical files to the cloud, eh?


Well, good news, we've got the next best thing. For all those items that you don't access on a daily basis and don't have the room for in your office (just think about how quickly those stacks of files and promotional materials pile up), BoxMan's clever storage solution is the answer.


Not only will you get secure, affordable storage space, they'll collect your boxes direct from your front door.


With Huddlebuy Gold you can enjoy box storage from as little as £2 per month with up to 60% off storage costs, meaning you can start getting your valuable office space back.


What's the deal?

Enjoy up to 60% off BoxMan whenever you need it, exclusivelywith Huddlebuy Gold.


BoxMan come and collect your boxes completely free when it suits you. Book a collection online by 3pm and they can come the very next day. Then when you want a box back, order it online and they'll deliver it straight to wherever you need it.


All BoxMan's storage warehouses have state of the art security, CCTV and fire protection systems. And with over 25 years' experience in box storage, your belongings couldn't be safer!


How much will I save?

The amount you can save depends on the amount of boxes you choose to be collected.

BoxMan's standard pricing starts from £2.99 a month...



With Huddlebuy Gold you can save up to 60% on the price of your boxes. You can see how much you can save in the table below...




“I love this place. The service is incredible. My relationship with storage had not been pleasant until I came here to BoxMan! Thank you BoxMan” Sarah Murrey, London


"We recently needed to make some space in our office and get things into storage. Luckily I found BoxMan. It was super simple to get our stuff stored, both convenient and inexpensive. They're a great storage solution and perfect for a business like ours."  HipSnip


"Even though we aim to operate a paperless office, it's amazing how many physical files we still need to keep. BoxMan makes it easy to keep them organised so they're out of the way but always on hand should we need them" - Minerva Consulting


Why store with BoxMan?

  • Free collection and boxes
  • No hidden costs
  • Next day returns as standard
  • Urgent same-day returns - we have storage facilities around the country so your boxes stay local to you
  • Manage everything online. Fully customisable box information, contents lists and descriptions
  • Individually barcoded boxes for comprehensive and continuous tracking
  • State of the art security and CCTV
  • Modern fire prevention systems
  • Over 25 years of storage experience


How It Works 

  • No minimum quantities or stay
  • Free boxes and collections
  • Manage everything online. Fully customisable box information, contents lists and descriptions
  • Using your own boxes? Boxes are classified by volume
• If they're less than 1.5 cubic ft we'll charge for a small box
• Over 1.5 & less than 4 cubic ft we'll charge for a medium box
• Above 4 cubic ft contact us for a quote


How do I get this deal?

It's easy. Simply click the "FREE with membership" button to start saving on your storage today!

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Save £50 - £150

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