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£75 FREE Facebook Marketing Credit

Access Exclusive Video Tutorial by Facebook's Head of SMB Marketing and Receive £75 Free Marketing Credit

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Benefit highlights

  1. Get £75 free Facebook Marketing credit to launch your campaign

  2. Access exclusive video tutorial by Facebook's head of SMB Marketing Communications

  3. Learn how to use Facebook Marketing from scratch with this simple, step-by-step guide  

  4. Increase engagement with your business page and generate new followers and customers

  5. Use Facebook Ads to reach out to new customers and drive your business’ online sales

  6. Learn simple, actionable steps proven to work that you can put into effect right away

Benefit information

We love Facebook Marketing. We use it every day and in only the past six months we’ve doubled our following to over 30,000.


We want the same success for our Gold Card holders. But we see there's a lot of confusing advice online about Facebook Marketing. And we'd understand if you haven't already dipped your toes in the Facebook Marketing waters.


So we contacted Facebook to ask if we could give our Gold Card holders the chance to try Facebook Marketing risk-free. Thanks to our friends there, we managed to get you £75 FREE Facebook Marketing Credit.


That was great. But we weren't satisfied. We pushed our luck by also asking if we could arrange an exclusive webinar from the head of SMB Marketing Communications, Felicity McCarthy.


We knew that she’s been working closely with small and medium businesses at Facebook for three years and that there’s no one better to guide you in your first foray into Facebook Marketing.


She agreed. The webinar took place on Thursday 27th June but for those of you who missed it you can now access a video of the the webinar from Facebook's very own Head of SMB Marketing. You'll be able to find out what Facebook Marketing can do for your business risk-free with guidance from someone who knows Facebook Marketing from the inside out.



Okay. How will the Facebook video tutorial work?

Simply get this member benefit to access a video of Felicity McCarthy, Facebook’s Head of SMB Marketing Communications, explaining how your business can use Facebook to reach more prospects and make more sales.



 You'll learn what has worked for her clients. Including:

  • How to get found: She'll help you optimise your Facebook Page to engage customers and prospects.
  • How to find customers: You'll learn how to target your ideal customers with Facebook ads.
  • How to connect with prospects: Felicity will show you how to use Facebook Offers to turn prospects into customers.


You will learn simple, actionable steps proven to work that you can put into effect right away to grow your business faster with Facebook.


Can I really benefit even if I'm a small business?



Perhaps you worry that you don’t have enough followers or that your marketing budget is small.


Don’t. Even small businesses with few followers and tiny budgets can benefit. And you’ll learn how during the video tutorial. 


Serenity Spa in Durham, for example, used Facebook Marketing to drive new sales and save on marketing.



And the results were outstanding. They lowered their cost of acquisition by 45% while at the same time getting 30% of their new customers through Facebook.


Felicity's advice will show you how to do the same for your business. And with your £75 free marketing credit, you can get your campaign off the ground without spending a penny. 


How does the benefit work?

Simple. Using your Huddlebuy Gold Card you’ll get access to this free video tutorial from Facebook's Head of SMB Marketing Communications.


After the Facebook webinar you’ll be able to claim £75 of Facebook Marketing credit so you can start your campaign right away.


Sounds great. So how do I get this benefit?

Easy. Simply click the “Get via Gold Card” button below to claim your free £75 marketing credit. You'll also have the option to access the video tutorial from Facebook's Head of SMB Marketing Communications.


Fine Print

£75 Facebook marketing credit is available to both existing and new Facebook advertisers, however this must be the first Facebook coupon the advertiser uses. Only one coupon per advertiser. The £75 coupon needs to be used within the first 90 days of the activation of the campaign.

This member benefit is only available to UK-based Gold Members and we will verify member information before sending the credit.  
The Facebook credit is only available to said Gold Member and no resale or redistribution of the voucher is allowed. 

Should Huddlebuy believe that said user is aiming to redistribute or resell the Facebook credit we may at our sole discretion decide to not provide the £75 Facebook marketing credit to said member. 



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Worth £75

1782 redeemed

Sorry, this benefit has been sold out.
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