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Benefit highlights

  1. Get 100 free custom MiniCards from MOO, only pay for delivery (around £3.25)

  2. PLUS get a 20% discount across all MOO products on your next order

  3. Customise your cards online and make each card unique

  4. Impress potential clients with a high quality laminate finish

Benefit information

When you pitch your business you stand out from the crowd and stay in people’s heads. But do your business cards have the same effect? 


Most likely not. Because most business cards look the same…


MOO MiniCards are the solution.


MOO’s business cards are designed to be different and to get your business NOTICED. They’re unique in size and shape and are much more fun than the standard business card.


Now, thanks to our friends at MOO, our Gold Card holders can enjoy a 20% discount across all MOO products. And to get you started MOO are offering you your first 100 MiniCards for FREE.





What’s the benefit?

  • Get an exclusive discount of 20% across all MOO products, including customised business MiniCards from MOO – buy as many or as few cards as you like.
  • Receive your first 100 cards FREE – order online and receive within days. You’ll only have to pay the small delivery cost.
  • Customise your cards online and make each card unique – design your cards at MOO’s website. Choose different photos for different cards to ensure the wow factor.
  • Impress potential clients with high quality laminate finish - Every card is 70mm x 28mm x 1.10”, matte-laminated and printed on premium quality 350gsm paper stock.



Remember, you can use your discount to get 20% off all MOO products.


Here’s just some of what you can get…


1. Business Cards

Business cards should be a conversation starter - something to be kept and acted on. Don't let your cards let you down when it's so easy to make something great! Choose from thousands of designs or upload your own artwork.




2. Luxe Business Cards

Luxe are the finest business cards on the web - 600gsm, Mohawk Superfine paper, and an optional colour seam through the middle. Luxe are the ultimate conversation starter.




3. Postcards

Make premium Postcards for promotions, invitations, portfolio pieces, or just to send a friendly 'hello'.

Available in short print runs they're also great for reselling. No huge stockpiles getting in the way - and you can easily try out different designs.




4. Stickers and Labels

Choose from 3 different shapes and sizes to feature your logo, photography, design or illustration. Unique and affordable, our stickers and labels are great for branding packaging, promoting your work - or for having fun.




How it works

  • Get this benefit exclusively through your Huddlebuy Gold Card
  • We’ll direct you to a webpage where you can enjoy your 20% discount and 100 FREE cards
  • You can upload your images, details and logo directly to
  • Design your cards in minutes and place your order


And that’s it. Easy. You’re on your way to business cards as unique as you are.


What's the catch?

There is none. You can buy as many or as few cards as you like. You can claim your first 100 FREE cards without any obligations or tie-ins.


How can I use my MiniCards?

Entrepreneurs use MiniCards for everything from branding packaging to event cards.


Internet business Perch hand out MiniCards at events, each with a trackable code. Potential customers grab a card and use the unique code to try out the software. It’s worked wonders for them. They could even track their most successful events. Smart!



Go to to find more successful case studies. And find out how MiniCards can make your business stand out from the crowd.


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