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  1. Bang!

    Someone's crashed into you. You're miles from home, your car's damaged and not safe to drive

    What do you do now?

  2. Ring your insurer? Okay - but one of the gaps in car insurance is that it doesn't include accident recovery, so how do you sort your car out? The police or find a local recovery agent? That's going to cost you £250 or more - and then another £50 or so every day your car has to be stored until it's taken away for repair.

  3. Remember that £350 excess on your car insurance that helped keep your premium down a bit? You're now going to have to pay that to your insurer to get your repairs done.

  4. You can be £600+ out of pocket so fast it's shocking - even though the accident wasn't your fault.

  5. If you're involved in a car accident that's not your fault you don't have to claim on your insurance.

  6. Call Total Motor Assist and let them deal with all the hassle and save yourself money and your "No Claims Discount".

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