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We are proud of the great support we have received from the small business community and the media.

We have featured in national papers such as The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Mail, The Express as well as major business publications and websites such as Real Business, Startups, Growing Business and TechCrunch.

As part of our aim to help small businesses we also provide regular content and commentary across a range of leading publication and communities.

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Here is a selection of the recent press and coverage we have received:


[Posted on 5 Dec 2013] It is not just the wine that gets mulled over each year. The great Christmas party debate is agonised over annually by company bosses and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes across the land..... Read more


[Posted on 2 Dec 2013] The hangovers may only take a day or so to get rid of but eye-watering moments take far longer, so should your firm cancel Christmas? Andy Yates dons his novelty hat to take a look..... Read more


[Posted on 11 Nov 2013] Calling all British businesses. It's time to go local! Businesses across Britain could be losing out on billions of pounds of support available right now on their doorsteps...... Read more


[Posted on 11 Nov 2013] Businesses across Britain could be losing out on billions of pounds of support, despite it being available right now on their doorsteps. Accessing local help could transform the fortunes of so many entrepreneurs..... Read more


[Posted on 19 Sep 2013] How do you define 'despair'? For me, it is summed up as ten minutes into a phone call to sort out my broadband, listening to yet another recorded message telling me...... Read more


[Posted on 16 Sep 2013] 'Don’t worry, we all learn from our mistakes,' I found myself saying to an entrepreneur last week. He nodded and promised to put it behind him and push onwards...... Read more


[Posted on 29 Aug 2013] “Don’t worry, we all learn from our mistakes,” I found myself saying to an entrepreneur last week. He nodded and promised to put it behind him and push onwards ...... Read more


[Posted on 16 Aug 2013] While true gender equality in the work place may not be here, women continue to makes gains. More than two million working mothers in the UK are now their...... Read more


[Posted on 8 Jul 2013] Business is stuffed full of clichés, jargon and incomprehensible management speak.But there is one phrase that I think rings true above most others - It's who you know, not what you know that counts....... Read more


[Posted on 5 Jul 2013]Business is stuffed full of clichés, jargon and incomprehensible management speak. But there is one phrase that rings true above most others: it's who you know – not what you know – that counts.... Read more


[Posted on 20 Jun 2013] More over 65-year-olds are in work in Britain than ever before - the number has now tipped above a million, according to the latest official statistics...... Read more


[Posted on 4 Jun 2013] I have set up the company, got a bank account, secured a domain name, built a website, got a logo, sorted out the paperwork, got an accounts package and a virtual office address...pause for breath.... Read more


[Posted on 29 May 2013] I have set up the company, got a bank account, secured a domain name, built a website, got a logo, sorted out the paperwork, got an accounts package and a virtual office address...pause for breath.... Read more


[Posted on 28 March 2013] A teen sensation has been born. No, it's not another footballer. And if you're thinking One Direction, you are mis-directed.Neither is this article announcing a new incarnation of Justin Bieber... Read more


[Posted on 21 March 2013] As I write this, just minutes after the furore of the Chancellor's speech, commentators appear to be raving about a Budget for Business. But, as an entrepreneur and small business.... Read more


[Posted on 20 March 2013] As I write this, commentators are raving about a ‘Budget for Business’. But, as an entrepreneur and small business champion that lives and breathes business life, I have to admit to mixed feelings... Read more


[Posted on 11 March 2013] Hands up if you have ever truly managed to get your work-life balance right? I asked this recently at an event and, out of an audience of around 100, only seven hands made it into the air - ... Read more


[Posted on 11 March 2013] Hands up, if you have ever truly managed to get your work-life balance right. I asked this recently at an event and, out of an audience of around 100, only seven hands made it into the air - ... Read more


[Posted on 14 February 2013] Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who founded the World Wide Web, is famous for saying: “This is for everyone.” His words have never been so apt. The internet is inspiring a very new sort of business revolution... Read more


[Posted on 14 Fenruary 2013] Do you dream of doing something you love and making money from it? Micro-businesses - small businesses run by sole traders or with a handful of employees - are the lifeblood of an entrepreneurial revolution that is gaining pace across Britain.... Read more


[Posted on 25 January 2013] From waterless toilets in Madagascar to off-grid electricity for the developing world, and an iPad solution to help British children overcome serious communication and learning difficulties, to an online platform to help fund your .... Read more


[Posted on 23 January 2013] Waterless toilets in Madagascar and off-grid electricity for the developing world. An iPad solution to help British children overcome serious communication and learning difficulties and an online platform to help fund your local playground ... Read more


[Posted on 8 January 2013] As a rule I don’t subscribe to New Year’s Resolutions. Most are not worth the breath they are carelessly uttered with. If you are anything like me your resolutions are destined to fail within days - and that is in a good year .... Read more


[Posted on 21 December 2012] 2012 has been a tough year for businesses up and down the country. The UK economy has flattered to deceive - with more dips than you average roller coaster ride - and it promises to be a bumpy ride ahead .... Read more


[Posted on 6 December 2012] George Osborne keeps saying the UK is open for business, but beyond the rhetoric and hyperbole his Autumn Statement has closed the door on many opportunities to stimulate real growth... Read more


[Posted on 23 November 2012] Mystic Meg I am not – but it is very clear to me that there are some key trends emerging that will help shape the business and entrepreneurial world in 2013. By following these trends the right entrepreneurs and investors could make their fortunes... Read more


[Posted on 15 November 2012] Why businesses should listen to The Rolling Stones and learn from their success story. In one of music’s most enduring success stories, The Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Time has certainly... Read more


[Posted on 29 October 2012] From body odour issues to drunken interviewees: One entrepreneur explains how he's dealt with embarrassing work situations. A disgruntled female employee trying to throw a desk at startled colleagues... Read more


[Posted on 4 October 2012] Are smooth talking and people skills enough to make you a success in business or could they actually hold you back? Bill Clinton is famous (or, some would say, infamous) for his charisma. By all accounts, women... Read more


[Posted on 27 September 2012] Money isn't everything in business. A happy employee is a productive one, and it's on the business leader to make the workplace a good place to be; here's how. Motivating employees is a key part of the success of any business. But, according to... Read more


[Posted on 25 September 2012] Stock markets remain volatile should you back a technology start-up? The stock market may remain volatile and the economy shaky, but whisper it quietly - there is a potential... Read more


[Posted on 18 September 2012] Andy Yates is an experienced entrepreneur, business mentor, advisor and angel investor and helps a portfolio of exciting growth businesses as well as Huddlebuy. Hear his tips on tackling HR issues head on. Read more


[Posted on 14 September 2012] Britain's youth are turning to entrepreneurship in droves, according to the latest report from the RSA. Apparently Generation Enterprise is upon us - promising to drag us all out of the economic mire. But hold on a minute... Read more


[Posted on 7 September 2012]  A happy office isn’t just a better place to spend time in, it’s frequently a key part of the success of any business. And happiness has more to do with respect and admiration from your colleagues and peers than... Read more


[Posted on 6 September 2012] First the Olympics, and now the Paralympics, have captured the nation’s heart and proved an inspiration at home and across the globe. But it's not just about sport - businesses and entrepreneurs up and down the country can learn an awful lot from the achievements of our Olympians in their own search for gold. Read more


[Posted on 24 August 2012] Why the middle of a recession is a rather good time to start a business..Are new entrepreneurs brilliant or bonkers? Some real good insights on how this recession be the ideal time to kick start a new business... Read more



[Posted on 23 August 2012] Read all about it! PR can be a cost-effective way to promote your business without having to pay a fortune on marketing. Here are some top tips on how to make sure potential customers read all about you... Read more

dailyexpress[Posted on 21 August 2012] Being able to motivate staff is one of the key management skills anyone who has recently been promoted must learn. This is according to Andy Yates, an advisor and mentor for, a money saving site for small businesses. Read more

[Posted on 14 August 2012] The Olympics may have given us all something to cheer about. But, sadly, the UK economy is not winning any medals at the moment.UK business confidence fell to its lowest point this year in July, following an all too brief resurgence at the start of 2012, according to research from accountants BDO...Read more
dailyexpress[Posted on 9 August 2012] OK, I admit it - I am guilty of time wasting.Like so many millions of others I have whiled away many a wistful hour trying and spectacularly failing to get tickets from the Olympic website and cursing Ticketmaster, who power the useless thing...Read more
[Posted on 8 August 2012] How not to run a business? Top tips on how to lose money and alienate people. So, for all those high climbing executives who want to plummet from the summit, here are some key pointers on how to lose money and alienate people..Read more

dailyexpress[Posted on 7 August 2012] You're probably paying too much on payment processing. If only you knew how, you could save thousands of pounds... So many businesses rely on taking credit card payments - and so many are paying over the odds for the privilege. According to...Read more


This is Money[Posted on 30 July 2012] Motivating employees is a key part of the success of any business. But, according to a recent study by the University of California’s Haas School of Business, happiness has more to do with respect and admiration from your colleagues and peers than pure...Read more


This is Money[Posted on 19 July 2012] Bank bashing has turned into a national pastime, only rivalled by the weather as the conversational hot topic of the summer. Cash-starved businesses have been leading the calls for change. The Government and the Bank of England...Read more


Yahoo Finance[Posted on 19 July 2012] Toxic bosses: Five ways to identify the boss from hell. Oh, what a difference a good boss makes. If only they could all be like Bark Lorang, the founder of US Firm FullContact. He has just offered his staff a bonus of £4,800 on the...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 18 July 2012] This week: How to raise cash without spending too much cash. The days of friendly bank managers are long gone. We have reached a point where banks don’t trust businesses and businesses don’t trust banks. So what are the...Read more
Yahoo Finance[Posted on 6 July 2012] Can Britain create the next Facebook? Are we creating entrepreneurial champions or also-rans who will never catch up with the US? Twitter's founder, Jack Dorsey, recently lambasted Brits for lacking the hunger and drive of...Read more

dailyexpress[Posted on 6 July 2012] This week: How to travel light when it comes to transport costs. This week in Business on a Budget you'll find out that transport doesn't have to be a budget nightmare.Fuel cards can save you money on fuel costs and cut out some annoying red tape...Read more

This is Money[Posted on 5 July 2012] London Mayor Boris Johnson, never known for his tact and diplomacy, is at it again. This time he claims that home working during the Olympics is a ‘skiver’s paradise’, painting a picture of an army of lolling layabouts - more obsessed with raiding the fridge than...Read more


yahoo FInance[Posted on 29 June 2012] Social media is big business - you only have to look at Facebook's gragantuan market value to realise that. If you are an entrepreneur, the chances are most of your customers - and potential customers - are already...Read more


This is Money[Posted on 26 June 2012] Analysis suggests that girl power could provide real economic power - so can women save the economy? I have just read an article which suggested that women in business could be the key to economic recovery. The gist of the piece was that more women than ever are taking the entrepreneurial plunge and...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 19 June 2012] This week: How to slash office costs. This week in our Business on a Budget series, we have a few invaluable tips for you to save you money on your office rent. Online research can give you a head start when taking on the heady task of...Read more
Yahoo Finance[Posted on 18 June 2012] Are you a secret entrepreneur? How to know if you've got what it takes to be the next Richard Branson. Never mind the Jubilee or the Olympics - 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the entrepreneur. The Government is falling over itself at every opportunity to laud entrepreneurs as ‘the life blood’ of...Read more


Yahoo Finance[Posted on 11 June 2012] How to give up your day job. Five ways to turn yourself from a wantrepreneur into an entrepreneur. Ask yourself these three simple questions: Do you hate your boss, employer or place of work (or indeed all three)? Do you know you could...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 30 May 2012] This week: Customer service on budget level. It's the third part of our Website on a Budget series! Today, we'll talk about how to win new customers for nothing and keep them with you for a long time, but little money...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 17 May 2012] This week: How to master everything from e-commerce to e-mails without extending your finances. In the second part of our Website on a Budget series, we'll be looking at how to make your e-commerce strategy picture-perfect with the right tools...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 16 May 2012] So anybody from ‘wantrepreneurs’ desperate to give up the day job and turn themselves into entrepreneurs - right through to established businesses that want to establish themselves online - we thought it would be useful to round up some of the most important tips and tricks of the online trade...Read more



[Posted on 9 May 2012] This week: Software services that can save you hard cash. Setting up a successful website used to cost a pretty penny, but now there are some great online tools that can save you a fortune. Even better news - they are either free or you can try before you buy - so you don’t have to...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 1 May 2012] This week: How to win friends and influence people. This series of articles has been packed full of top tips on how to build, market and grow a successful website – whatever business you are in. But that is only half the story. The real key to sustaining...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 27 April 2012] This week: Don't risk paying over the odds for insurance. Let’s be honest, your average article about insurance can be deadly dull. It is, after all, one of those boring business necessities. So how to make it interesting? Pack if full of top tips on how to cut those...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 20 April 2012] How to grow traffic to your website without growing your costs. Be sociable. Socialising online can be a great way to grow your online presence and traffic. Social media is now an established and cost-effective way to grow your business. Yes it can appear a bit baffling...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 11 April 2012] This week: Top tips on how to convert website visitors into customers. It is all very well getting traffic to your website but how do you make money out of it? Below are some top tips on how to swap casual visitors into committed buyers...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 6 April 2012] How can a business save money on hardware? Follow our seven tips to save money on hardware. It can be a hard job searching for hardware bargains. But you don’t need to be a technical wizard to conjure up some savings...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 30 March 2012] This week: Putting you in the picture. When it comes to creating a great website a picture can paint a thousand words. And the right image can make a great first impression for your prospective customers. So how do you become picture perfect? First off...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 26 March 2012] Here's how to power your way to big energy savings. Energy bills have soared in recent years – enough to give any business an electric shock. Energy bills are now one of businesses' biggest costs. So keeping electricity and gas costs to a minimum is crucial for...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 24 March 2012] Darwen-based entrepreneur Alison Hitchen won an international competition to spend 30 minutes with Virgin chief Sir Richard Branson. Alison, of business magazine 118 Direct, said: 'It was the best day of my life. Sitting next to Sir Richard...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 22 March 2012] The Budget Scandal: Why small businesses are big losers. George Osborne had a big chance to hep small businesses in his budget. But is this budget really good for small businesses? Small businesses matter. The statistics speak for themselves. There are...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 19 March 2012] Dear George, I know times are tough. The Government coffers are as empty as your average English reservoir at the moment. But if you want to get the money flowing again you really need to get down to business in this Budget...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 19 March 2012] Cash-strapped households aren't alone in facing excessive energy bills – but while regulators such as Ofgem are now taking action on behalf of consumers paying too much for gas and electricity, small businesses have had much more limited support....Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 18 March 2012] Discount deal sites such as Groupon have proved a big hit with shoppers, but now group buying is being offered to small companies with the promise of substantial savings on goods and services. Saurav Chopra and Chieu Cao set up the website...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 15 March 2012] Finding the right website designer can be a headache. That is why a range of DIY website solutions have sprung up in recent years that aim to take the pain away. These solutions used to be pretty clunky to use and only good for the most basic of websites. But now...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 9 March 2012] A website has become a key requirement for any business – whatever that business does. It is a great way to tell people what you do and drum up new customers. However unless you are a bit of a web wizard it can be difficult to know where to start...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 9 March 2012] This week: sitting pretty when it comes to saving money on office furniture and equipment. Consumers shouldn’t have all the fun. A quick internet search can yield some big savings for business owners around the office if you know where to look...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 2 March 2012] Last week we covered why you need to be online how to choose a great name for a great website. This week we look at how you go about get your website hosted and how you can get some brilliant free advertising from Google....Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 28 February 2012] Most small firms will cut back on new jobs this year compared with last year, according to research out today from Huddlebuy. The survey found 59 per cent of small businesses expect to hire fewer...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 24 February 2012] These days any business needs to have a good online presence. If people can't find you online you stand to lose business - it is as simple as that. This is just as true for a small local business as it is for a major multi-nationals...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 23 February 2012] This week: dial in to telecoms and broadband savings. There is a bewildering array of broadband packages out there – all with headline grabbing offers and deals. But don’t just go for what appears to be the cheapest offer....Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 19 February 2012] Banks are no longer the first port of call for small businesses seeking to raise funds, a survey has found. According to research by, a daily deals site for start-ups 65% of the 1000 small business....Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 14 February 2012] Start-up on a shoestring. The good news is it is a lot cheaper to start a new business than you think and anyone turn those dreams into reality. These days enterprising entrepreneurs can save a fortune. Here are some top money saving tips...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 7 February 2012] How significant a role does the internet play in your business? That is the question we are asking today as part of a study into the online engagement of Britain’s small businesses...Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 6 February 2012] This week: recruitment. How to lower your hiring costs.There are a myriad of job boards out there only one Google-search away. Certainly enough to baffle a lot of business owners with too much choice... Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 3 February 2012] The story so far... It is amazing how much you can do on so little money when you know where to look…I have set up the company, got a bank account .. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 1 February 2012] For the rising number of people facing unemployment, not to mention those who are fed up with their jobs. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 30 January 2012] Small businesses are poorly treated in the UK: the Government is pinning all its hopes on SMEs and entrepreneurs to pull us away from a double-dip recession.. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 16 January 2012] Everywhere you look these days, it seems, small business is big business. George Osborne has offered an array of tax breaks to encourage investors to plough money into early-stage companies.. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 11 January 2012] The challenge is on – how to set up a fully fledged business for less than £1,000! Read more


The telegraph[Posted on 22 December 2011] Unemployment is set to get worse before it gets better in 2012 with analysts predicting the total number of people out of work could reach 2.9m, or 9pc, by next summer, up from its current level of 2.64m Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 13 December 2011]Every penny counts when you are small and growing business or if you work for yourself. So here are some top picks for penny pinchers who want to save pounds..Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 1 December 2011] Social media can appear like some strange dark art – but forget the tech gobblygook and snake oil merchants... This worked for Huddlebuy – we now have a social media following of 12,000+ and growing fast. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 29 November 2011] The Next Web has teamed up with Huddlebuy, the daily-deals site for businesses and entrepreneurs, to give you the chance to win a 16GB iPad 2 with 3G. Moreover, 25 people will win the chance to ‘back-up their lives…for life’ Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 21 November 2011]...the biggest recession since the great depression, euro chaos and belligerent banks and life gets a whole lot harder. Businesses and entrepreneurs need all the help they can get – which is where Huddlebuy comes in. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 14 November 2011] This is Money has teamed up with, Europe’s largest group buying site for entrepreneurs and businesses, to launch a great new weekly column... Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 7 November 2011] We've teamed up with – the friend of entrepreneurs and start-ups... is changing the way entrepreneurs and start-ups buy goods and services – saving them thousands of pounds a month with exclusive deals and discounts. Read more



[Posted on 26 October 2011] The good folks over at Huddlebuy have partnered with Pocket-lint to give away ten 2000mAh MiLi Power Springs - specially designed for the iPhone 4. Read more



dailyexpress[Posted on 7 August 2011] The site (Huddlebuy) is about to launch a savings calculator that takes into account the number of staff a company employs and makes suggestions as to how much and in which areas sole traders or small companies can save money. Read more


dailyexpress[Posted on 4 August 2011] Economies of scale drive the prices in the same way as they do all bulk buying, but has refined and expanded this so it reaches out to a sector where the concept has never gained traction before. Read more


btbmarketing[Posted on July 2011] Per Larsen, co-founder of Huddlebuy, says, “Many smaller and mid-size businesses are great at what they do, but don’t have the resources to market themselves.” He says Huddlebuy can offer “support to help communicate and sell their products and services.” Read more


smeweb[Posted on 6 July 2011] Co-founder, Chieu Cao writes: "In the 21st century, a good online presence is almost essential for a business to succeed. Successful small businesses quickly learn about their customers and adapt their marketing activities to fit." Read more


retail-week[Posted on 10 June 2011] Daniel King, managing director [...] at Kantar Media company Compete: “Huddlebuy has set out to be the Groupon for small businesses. Its aim is to allow small firms to receive the same bulk order discounts that larger firms benefit from by using online group buying power. It’s a great model." Read more


inspiresme[Posted on 8 June 2011] Responding to a survey organised by group buying site Huddlebuy, 91 percent of small business leaders said the current education system does not encourage entrepreneurs to thrive. Read more


hrmagazine[Posted on 8 June 2011] Per Larsen, co-founder of Huddlebuy, said: "It's very much a 'must try harder' school report for Britain's universities from our customers. They clearly feel that the education system is leaving young people poorly prepared for the world of business." Read more


vcj[Posted on 1 June 2011] Per Larsen, Chieu Cao and Saurav Chopra co-founded Huddlebuy in late 2010. The trio left their senior positions at established tech companies to launch the startup when they spotted a gap in the market: the business market. Their site launched in January 2011, and attracted £350,000 in funding in March. Read more


moneywise[Posted on 18 May 2011] Per Larsen, spokesperson at, says: "The worry is that the latest figures could be the calm before the storm. Although the focus seems to be on youth unemployment, the real worry is the public sector time bomb." Read more


b2bmarketing[Posted on 12 May 2011] By now many of you will have signed up to the likes of Groupon and Living Social to take advantage of all the available deals. What you may not have seen is the B2B social marketplaces such as Huddlebuy (UK) and Bizydeal (US). Read more


hrreview[Posted on 9 May 2011] The poll from, a group buying site for small businesses, found that although a third (34%) of those surveyed had noticed an increase in job applications from former public sector employees, the majority said they would be more inclined to employ from the private sector. Read more


vcj2[Posted on 1 May 2011] Per Larsen, director of, a group buying website for businesses that is backed by Alex Chesterman, co-founder of LOVEFiLM and Zoopla, hopes it will prove an invaluable resource [saying] "Startup Britain should be a useful resource for entrepreneurs." Read more


marketingweek[Posted on 21 April 2011] Huddlebuy, a website that launched in January, provides a platform similar to Groupon for brands to publicise promotions targeted at small companies of up to 10 people. Read more



growingbusiness[Posted on 15 April 2011] Huddlebuy, the group buying site for small businesses, has raised £350,000 in angel funding to invest in building its existing small business community and enhance its technology platform. Read more



 businesszone[Posted on 15 April 2011] Huddlebuy is the group-buying website for small businesses where SMEs can buy B2B goods/services at big company pricing. Read more


guardian[Posted on 13 April 2011] Huddlebuy, a group buying website for small businesses, reported on Wednesday that two-thirds of small firms had delayed taking on new staff because of the uncertain economic conditions. Read more


techcrunch[Posted on 11 April 2011] Is there no end to the group buying craze? It seems not and today news comes that Huddlebuy, the ‘Groupon for small businesses’, has raised £350,000 in Angel funding. Read more


 nestoria[Posted on 08 April 2011] Huddlebuy is the group-buying website for small businesses which leverages the collective buying power and wisdom of small businesses. We help small businesses buy B2B goods and services at big company pricing.Read more



 Econsultancy[Posted on 06 April 2011] Huddlebuy is a startup which describes itself as 'Groupon for small businesses'. It's aim is to allow small firms to receive the same bulk order discounts that larger firms benefit from. Read more



The telegraph[Posted on 31 Mar 2011] A new survey out today [from Huddlebuy] shows 68pc of SMEs have delayed hiring in the current climate. The study of 700 small businesses found more than three quarters are also "less confident" about business out